Surya Health and Wellness


Holistic Medicine made Mainstream
by Stacy Falk

Living in our fast paced, technological driven world, there's no denying that skipping a few simple steps in order to stay healthy is not uncommon.

Eating fruits and vegetables, exercising and drinking water isn't always as easy as it sounds, or sometimes, just isn’t enough. But bringing out the happier, healthier you is possible. Consulting with your local health center to incorporate healthy living back into your daily routine or make a few adjustments to your existing nature is a great place to start.

Over the past year, Surya Health and Wellness has become an established and successful community health center in Durango, one that that welcomes people from all walks of life, by approaching the availability of holistic services with a new, innovative design.

Understanding that holistic care has been perceived by some to be expensive or even elitist, Surya's owner, Amita Nathwani, wanted to create an atmosphere that attracted a diverse audience. The convenient, downtown location allows Surya to communicate with locals and tourists alike about alternative health care options. With a friendly and compassionate staff, Surya educates customers about wellness services that are catered to each individual’s lifestyle and demographic.

Nathwani, also an Ayurvedic practitioner at Surya, transformed her former practice of 10 years, known as the Ayurveda Center of Durango, into what is now referred to as a community health center.  (Ayurveda is a natural and preventative form of medicine which targets the root cause of disease by not only treating the disorder but by eliminating problems before they arise.)

According to Nathwani, there's overlap when it comes to healing therapies in treating patients through alternative practices. Her unique vision to refashion a space, where multiple practitioners of various backgrounds can work together, learn from each other and better serve their clients with a team of knowledge, is now a reality.

“Whether through food, plants, pharmaceuticals, lifestyle or emotional and mental state of being, we work to help others understand who they are in relationship to the influences around us, and the natural world that functions as our medicine,” says Nathwani.

Surya's specialists are more than willing to consult with anyone who walks in the door about where to start-- from nutrition, digestion, pain management, general well-being and much more. Surya's dedicated team also works closely with many other holistic providers across the Southwest to further promote our community's numerous holistic health care opportunities.

And not only does Surya offer multiple services through Ayurvedic medicine, acupuncture, colon-hydro therapy, nutritional counseling, Reiki, naturopathic care, massage and physical and yoga therapy, it combines a casual retail environment to accompany its services. Surya's store is packed full of  natural supplements, local health care products, Indian spices, culinary contraptions, yoga equipment, meditation props, essential oils, clothing, art and jewelry. 

In addition, Surya offers workshops and cooking classes for all ages and abilities. The aromas of tasty and savory Indian cuisine that fill Surya on a Monday night remind us that eating a healthy meal doesn't have to be bland at all.  

For more information, please visit, stop by 1032 Main Avenue, Durango or call (970) 382-8332.