Iced Water? Think again...

Reasons Not to Drink Cold Beverages
by Amita Nathwani, MA

Sit down in most any restaurant and it won’t take but a minute or two before a staffer automatically offers a tall glass of free ice water. According to both Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine, India’s 5,000-year-old medicine and lifestyle tradition, you shouldn’t drink it. And here’s why:

Slows down Digestive process

Iced beverages, especially with or right after a meal, can really slow down digestion. Imagine pouring cold water over burning coals set up to cook your food. That’s effectively what you do to your digestive fires when you gulp down iced beverages with your meal.

Decrease of energy levels

The more we eat, the harder the digestive system and liver has to work in order to keep up with the digestive process. That’s why we become sluggish after large meals. The same concept applies if we drink iced liquids throughout the day. The energy that we need for day to day activities goes into maintaining our digestive fires.

Increase of weight gain

There are many factors that influence our weight, however one of the reasons is constriction in the body’s channels creating blocks and obstacles for proper metabolism to take place.  Cold or Iced drinks are constricting and therefore prevent the natural release of toxins and cause retention of other unwanted particles.

Limits absorption of nutrients

Iced drinks create difficulty in digestion, but they also prevent digestive fires from fully digesting the food we eat. This is because the rate at which we digest can be slower than our body’s ability to move it through the intestines. As a result, some food might become under digested and we may not gain the full benefit from the food we eat.


Opt for digestion-enhancing drinks. Warm water infused with fennel helps enhance digestion, prevents bloating, and freshens your breath naturally. Also try Cumin tea, or ginger-mint tea made with fresh ginger root slices and fresh mint leaves.