Kristi Zink is a fourth generation Durango native who has been practicing counseling and grief support since 2013. She has a master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology from Naropa University; which focuses on life transitions, mindfulness, meditation and finding meaning in our modern world. Kristi believes that each person is equipped with basic goodness and a drive towards health and wellness. There are many things that can derail this natural drive: conditioning, stress, lifestyle, false beliefs and old thought/behavior patterns that once served the individual but now keep that person from accessing the joy and potential of each unfolding moment.

Her counseling approach is great for people going through life transitions such as divorce, changes in the family system, career changes, anxiety, depression, and she specialization in death, loss, and bereavement. She uses a variety of psychological perspectives to customize her approach for each individual client. She draws from the Dialectical Behavioral approach, Neurolinguistic Programming, Gestalt therapy, trauma release, experiential and mindfulness based psychology, as well as using the wisdom and innate knowledge of the body to turn toward health and healing.

Kristi is compassionate and open and she holds a place of profound non-judgment and safety for her clients. She also encouraging people to face their difficulties and look honestly at their patterns and ways of showing up in relationship and the world.

She believes in being an active part of the Durango community, which means helping neighbors and giving back. Kristi volunteers for Mercy Hospice, Alternative Horizon’s and the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic. She works on her families ranch and relaxes and recharges in the wilderness. She has been a helping professional and massage therapist since 2004

Each consultation from every practitioner consists of an individualized assessment.

Every client will be asked to complete an intake form that outlines one's personal, family and heath history, along with dietary and lifestyle habits. This will give the practitioner the ability to look at the overall health of the client. We ask that you bring in any lab results, supplements, herbal remedies and prescription drugs that you are taking in order to help facilitate your care with your other health care providers. Upon assessment, recommendations are administered based on each individuals needs.

In holistic healing, the relationship between practitioner and client is very important. Confidentiality, compassion and trust are the key elements to a successful healing interaction.  At Surya Health and Wellness, we promise to uphold these principles and look forward to sharing them with you.

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